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With a lifetime of equine management coupled with years of organic land and animal management makes our farm the perfect place to allow your horse to retire. Weather your looking for short term boarding or long term look no further you have found your new home for your horse.

We manage your horse the same way we do our land and other animals raised on our farm, with love, compassion and attention to details.  

Your horses will be turned out daily in large pastures in a herd with either access to a stall with an open concept or sheds. Social is a very important part of your horses health and well being. That is why we focus on not keeping horses isolated unless there is a medical reason.  Organic pasture is available in a rotational setting during the growing season with access to high quality stored hay during the winter months.  Free choice organic horse minerals along with Redmond's salt and organic kelp are available at all times when out to pasture.  Grain is only given if necessary as well as supplements if needed.  Each horse is evaluated at the onset of his or her stay to determine their individual needs.  Natural trims are performed every 6 weeks in the growing season and every 7 weeks in the winter.

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Organic management practices are used to manage the horses we care for.  No chemical de wormers used, fecal exams taken to check parasite counts twice a year.

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