About Us

Organic Family Farm

We have been stewarding the land in a biological and organic way since 2003 

Who are we

We are land managers, first and foremost.  By managing the land where the cattle roam or feed is produced to feed the cattle we are able to improve the health of our eco system.  How do we achieve this one might ask.  We started out by making a commitment to ourselves and our future customers to never use any chemical herbicides or pesticides on the land.  We  quickly became familiar with how to be one of the farmers certified by NOFA-NY, our farms first year being certified was in 2006.  But that was just the beginning of our mission to make this land better than when we had purchased it.  Over the past decade we have applied organic amenities to our land to help the biological life thrive.  In 2007 we added on our first four cows and started to grow our certified organic grass finished herd of cattle.  By certifying our cattle grass fed and organic with NOFA-NY we support the organic system we have created on our farm.  This lets our customers know the beef they buy has never had antibiotics as a treatment method, or have eaten any grasses that have been genetically modified or any chemical wormer used to control parasites within our herd.

Why support us

Since 2003 we have been improving the health of our soils which shows up in the health of our animals. Which supports your good health by consuming the great products offered for sale.  We be leave in the full circle of life and it starts with the soil and ends back in the health of our customers.