Cattle grazing in a summer pasture


It's what should be for dinner

Certified Organic grass fed and finished beef


Why Certified Organic and Grass finished

We chose NOFA NY as our certifying agency back in 2006 after spending a year researching what it meant to become a certified organic farm.  This certification helps our customers know the transparency and security of their foods they purchase from us.  Each year we hand in our annual paperwork to NOFA to audit what we have done with or land and animals.  Each year we have a third party auditor who visits our farm, view our records, tours our farm and checks our land animals.  With our food system being so large and complex this gives our customers the re assurance their beef is without antibiotics, growth hormones, breeding hormones, chemical wormer and lastly no GMO seeds used when we plant new fields of forage for our cattle to eat.  Along with the lack of GMO seeds being planted we do not use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides on any of our land.



Freezer Beef

If your looking for the best quality for a reasonable price, look no more.  We sell shares of beef.  Call or email to get on our list.

Breeding stock

Always selling quality certified organic grass fed breeding stock. Our primary breed is Simmental with some cross bred cows to Angus for our beef herd.  Our milking herd is pure Jersey with tested A2A2 milk.  This small herd of Jersey cows supports our beef babies when in need.  We also have Jersey heifers for sale. Contact us for a tour to pick your cow or cows out.

Jersey Moms

To support our organic beef operation we always have a few Jersey moms in case one of our beef moms has a milking problem.  Any calves raised on our farm always get certified organic cows milk weather it be from the calfs own mother or a sere-get Jersey mom.  Our calf's never drink milk replacement!